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Merit (see Volume 2 page 582)

Page numbers refer to Farming in Miniature Volume 2; bold numbers in brackets refer to photos in the Merit chapter.
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No.4470 David Brown Tractor Three-Dimensional Puzzle (page 582)
This website suggests that the soft plastic 'Jigtoys' version of the tractor was given away with Frosties breakfast cereal in 1970, and the tractor had not been included in the earlier series of Jigtoys (starting in 1959) in Kellogg's Cornflakes,
Frosties and Sugar Smacks.
Merit David Brown Tractor Puzzle
As (5) but in different colours.
Merit David Brown Tractor Puzzle
As (5) again with different colours, on a printed card as (2).
Merit David Brown Tractor Puzzle
As (5) but in different colours, and supplied in a small polythene bag (not illustrated) with the puzzle solution printed on a sheet of paper marked SOLUTION inside the bag, and with a stapled-on header card marked TRACTOR PUZZLE.
Merit David Brown Tractor Puzzle
As above but in different colours.  Both these examples packed in polythene bags were purchased in Argentina.

No.7667 Tractor
(page 583)
Merit No.7667 Tractor
Tractor in a box as (13) but in a variety of different colours.
Merit No.7667 Tractor
Tractor again in different colours (missing driver).

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