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Crescent (see Volume 1 page 292)

Page numbers refer to Farming in Miniature Volume 1; bold numbers in brackets refer to photos in the Crescent chapter.
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The most interesting Crescent discoveries are two boxed examples of the Woolworth's Ferguson tractor.  The boxes do not show the manufacturer's name, which supports the idea that the model was an exclusive line for Woolworth's, and they carry the otherwise vacant Crescent model number 1261.

Also we have now seen Crescent catalogues for several additional years - 1956, 1957, 1961 and 1967 - and as a result we have amended the dates of issue of some models and the details of various gift sets. 
In the Crescent chapter in Volume 1 we were guided by Ray Strutt’s research into Crescent catalogue dates, published in Ramsay, 1988, however it appears that Ray was mistaken about several dates relating to nos.1804, 1807, 1810, 1811, 148 and 149 (see the individual models below for details).

We are still looking for catalogues for the following years to have a complete history of the Crescent farm vehicles range - 1948, 1950-53, 1955, 1959, 1962, 1964-66, and 1968-75.  Please e-mail Robert Newson if you can help with scans or photocopies of these catalogues.

No.1210 Farmer's Market Wagon (page 293)
Crescent no.1210 Farmer's Market Wagon
As (4) to (6) but red cart and wheels.

No.1804 Tractor and Disc Harrow
(page 293)
No.1807 Disc Harrow (page 294)
These items were shown in the Crescent catalogues up to 1956, not 1954 as previously stated.

Driver for no.1805 Tractor (page 294)
Crescent Land-girl Driver for no.1805 Tractor
As (17) but in red and grey.

No.1808 Platform Trailer
(page 295)
Crescent No.1808 Platform Trailer
Trailer as (27) but with the later grey-brown raves, in the end-opening box with illustrations of farming scenes on the sides as in (33).  This is not surprising as we already recorded the other versions of the trailer (nos.1809, 1810 and 1811) in this style of box.  NO 1808. PLATFORM TRAILER. MADE IN ENGLAND was printed on a label on one end of the box.

No.1809 Ricklifter Trailer
(page 295)
Crescent No.1809 Ricklifter Trailer
Trailer as (30) in the end-opening box with illustrations of farming scenesNO 1809 RICKLIFTER TRAILER MADE IN ENGLAND was printed on the box label.

No.1810 Box Trailer
(page 295)
No.1811 Animal Trailer (page 295)
No.148 Farm Trailer (page 298)
No.149 Cattle Trailer (page 298)
The 1967 catalogue included the four-wheeled trailers, nos.148 and 149, which replaced the earlier two-wheeled trailers, nos.1810 and 1811.  Ray Strutt showed the new trailers as introduced in 1968, but this appears to be an error.  The four-wheeled trailers were not even shown as ‘New’ in 1967, so without having seen the 1966 or earlier catalogues, we are now unsure about the year that the change of design of the trailers occurred.  It was certainly after 1963 (see the 1963 catalogue page in photo (96)) and before 1968.

No.1816 Roller Harrow
(page 296)
Crescent No.1816 Roller HarrowCrescent No.1816 Roller Harrow (box)
As (52) but in a box with a MODERN FARM EQUIPMENT label.

No.1817 Timber Trailer (page 296)
Crescent No.1817 Timber Trailer
As (55) but in an end-opening box, with TIMBER TRAILER NO.1817 on a paper label on the end of the box.

No.1819 Large Farm Wagon
(page 297)
Crescent No.1819 Large Farm WagonCrescent No.1819 Large Farm Wagon (box)Crescent No.1819 Large Farm Wagon (box detail)
This is an unusual lift-off lid box covered in glossy blue paper but without a label.  Rubber-stamped underneath the box was 1819 LARGE FARM WAGON.  The first photo shows a comparison with the usual yellow box.  The blue box was perhaps a short-term expedient when the yellow boxes were not available.

No.1822 Caterpillar Tractor (page 296)
Crescent No.1822 Caterpillar Tractor (photo by Nigel Robertshaw)
As (57) but yellow body with silver trim on the grille, red base and green control levers.

No.1261 Ferguson Tractor
(page 297)
Crescent No.1261 Ferguson TractorCrescent No.1261 Ferguson Tractor
As (65) and (67) but in a box with MODERN FARM TRACTOR on the sides and No.1261 on the end flaps.  The box has no indication of the manufacturer, which is consistent with it being exclusive to Woolworth's.

Gift Sets in the 1950s (page 297)
The 1956 and 1957 catalogues showed the same gift sets as in 1954, numbered 2703, 7070 and 9200 ((74) and (75)).  These had lead figures, replaced with plastic in 1958.  No.9202 Farm Implement Set ((78) and (79)) is not shown in any catalogue we have yet seen, so maybe it was catalogued in 1955 or 1959 or else not at all.
Crescent No.2703 Farm SetCrescent No.2703 Farm SetCrescent No.2703 Farm Set
The gift sets shown here (with lead figures) have NO.2703 FARM SET MADE IN ENGLAND on the box label, but include no.1805 tractor and driver in place of the usual no.1818 tipping farm cart.  There is some variation in the figures included.  The box lids were covered in CRESCENT TOYS paper.  The box is actually not quite deep enough for the tractor’s exhaust, and in the example at the left, the exhaust has made a small hole in the lid.  The set at the right had the addition of a card insert to protect the tractor's exhaust.

No.1809 Fordson Dexta Tractor
(page 297)

The 1967 catalogue showed the Dexta tractor in the shorter box (as (90)) which we previously dated to 1968 because it illustrates the four-wheeled trailers (see p.298).

No.1803 Dexta Tractor and Trailer (page 298)
The 1967 catalogue showed this set as ‘New’ in the box with a plinth, as (100).  Again, we previously dated this box to 1968.

Gift Sets in the 1960s
(page 298)
The farm gift sets were completely changed for 1961, and the sets available in 1960 were discontinued.  The discontinued sets were nos.2703 and 2710 (despite the fact that they had had new packaging in 1960, see (81)), and also nos.7070 and 9200 (see (80)).

The new gift sets for 1961 were nos.1203 and 9213.  Previously w
e listed these as introduced in 1963 (see photo (96)).  They had new window boxes.  The 1961 versions contained the earlier tractor (no.1805) but otherwise the contents and packaging were the same as shown in (96).

Nos.1203 and 9213 were still available in 1967.  The set no.1203 shown in the 1967 catalogue was very similar to (97), except the tractor had no driver, and the window box had a design of six stars and the words HAND PAINTED BY CRESCENT on the front face.  For set no.9213, the 1967 catalogue showed a box identical to the example in (98) and (99).  The contents were similar, except the tractor was pictured with a driver and there were minor differences in the figures included in the set.

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