Farming in Miniature -
Further Discoveries

Kayron, A.V.H. and Olson (see Volume 2 page 460)

Page numbers refer to Farming in Miniature Volume 2; bold numbers in brackets refer to photos in the Kayron, A.V.H. and Olson chapter.
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No.511 Horse & Hay Cart
Kayron Horse & Hay Cart (box)
We have found a Kayron box, sadly empty, for a HORSE & HAY CART No.511 not listed in the table on page 466.  So which model was this Hay Cart?  The obvious candidates are the wagons in (1) and (3) to (6) but none will fit the box, even with the turntable removed.  The wagons without raves such as (2) would fit, but they do not have hay raves and so do not qualify as hay carts.  We need to find this box with its contents to be sure.

There is a price of 10s2d written in pencil on the box.

No.513 Horse & Milk Cart

Kayron Horse & Milk Cart (box lid)
We have also found a Kayron box lid for a HORSE & MILK CART No.513, and again we have not yet recognised the model for this box.

Wagon (page 463)
Kayron Wagon
As (2) but dark blue with red shafts and green tinplate wheels.  The wire side rails are almost vertical whereas in (2) they are splayed out.
Kayron Wagon
As (3) to (6) but red with olive green wheels and light blue shafts.
Kayron Wagon
As above but with smaller green wheels (22 mm wide as opposed to the usual 25 mm).

Tip Cart  (page 463)
Kayron Tip Cart
As (7) but with red tinplate wheels.

Kayron Tip Cart
As (7) but red with blue tinplate wheels.

No.504 Horse & Plough (small two-furrow plough)  (page 463)
Kayron Plough
As (17) but with yellow shares.

Kayron Plough
As (18) but turquoise.

Kayron Plough
As (18) but with red shares and wheels.

Kayron Plough
As (19) but red handles.

Kayron Plough
As (21) but light blue with red handles.

Larger Plough with one extended share
Kayron Plough
A previously unseen two-furrow plough with one extended share.  Red shares, light blue frame, cream front wheels and red handles (147 mm).

Olson Two-furrow Plough or Root Lifter
(page 464)
Olson Two-furrow Plough or Root Lifter
As (26) but with red wheels.

Olson Spike-toothed Cultivator
(page 464)
Olson Spike-toothed Cultivator
Two incomplete identical Olson spike-toothed cultivators in an un-numbered box, with both cultivators similar to the re-painted version in (33).  One certainly came with the box, and together they have all the components of a complete cultivator, with light blue frame, red front wheel, green spoked wheels with lugs, yellow tips to the control lever and harness hook, and red tips to the spikes.  Olson boxes were never numbered.

No.501 Horse and Roller
(page 464)
AVH Horse & Roller
As (36) but with light blue frame and a solid lead horse; more usually the horse was hollow-cast lead or solid aluminium.  Box label printed only in black and green, unlike in (36) and (37) which had red colour printing as well.

Kayron or AVH Horse & Roller
As (35) but with red shafts.

AVH Horse & Roller
Another example of (37) in which the box label originally read ROLLER No.505 but has been amended by hand to be used for the Horse & Roller, in this case by adding HORSE & before ROLLER and changing the number to 501.

Horse and Roller with a Phillip Segal horse
Horse & Roller with a Phillip Segal horse
A Horse Roller with a soldered wire frame like no other we have seen before.  It has a tall light blue frame and shafts and a red metal roller.  Attached to the shafts with wire is a Phillip Segal horse (see the Guide to Harnessed Horses, page 783) (172 mm).

No.502 Horse & Seed Sower
(page 464)
Kayron Horse & Seed Sower
As (53) but in a Kayron box (not seen before).

No.503 Horse & Hay Rake (page 465)
AVH Horse & Hay Rake
As (66) but with light blue tines, light green frame, red wheels and a solid lead horse.  Box label printed in black and green only, without any red colour.
AVH Horse & Hay Rake
As (67) but yellow tines and blue shafts.
Kayron Horse & Hay Rake
As (76) but with orange tines, red frame, blue lever and cream shafts.

Horse-drawn Gig (page 465)
Kayron Horse-drawn Gig
As (86) but with light blue wheels and red shafts.
Olson Wire Cart for a tractor (page 465)
Olson Wire Cart for a tractor
As (98) but dark blue with red tow bar and red smooth-rimmed wheels.

Reaper (page 466)
Kayron tractor-drawn Reaper
As (101) but with light blue wheels, red frame and yellow sails (one set of sails missing).

Four-wheeled Wire Trailer (page 466)
Kayron Four-wheeled Wire Trailer
As (102) but with black tinplate wheels.

Clockwork Dumper Truck
Kayron Dumper Truck
Although strictly speaking outside the scope of the book, this dumper truck had the chassis, wheels, bonnet and grille identical to the tractor in (101) to (107) (158 mm).

Wire Hurdle

Kayron Wire Hurdles
Although not a farm vehicle, it is of interest to know that there were other farm accessories in this range (185 mm).

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