Farming in Miniature -
Further Discoveries

Lipkin (see Volume 2 page 507)

Page numbers refer to Farming in Miniature Volume 2; bold numbers in brackets refer to photos in the Lipkin chapter.
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Massey-Harris 745 Tractor (page 507)
Lipkin Massey-Harris 745 Tractor
We stated on page 507 that MASSEY-HARRIS and 745 were moulded on each side of the bonnet of this model.  The version pictured here has the moulded lettering, but in fact the models pictured in (1) and (5) had transfers with the lettering printed in gold.
Massey Ferguson 780 Combine Harvester (page 508)
Lipkin Massey Ferguson Combine Harvester (missing rear wheels) (photo by Vectis Auctions)
Combine Harvester as (12) but in a later style of box.

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