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D.C.M.T. and Lone Star (see Volume 1 page 330)

Page numbers refer to Farming in Miniature Volume 1; bold numbers in brackets refer to photos in the D.C.M.T. and Lone Star chapter.
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No.1293, 1286, 1287 or 1257 Tractor (page 331)
We said that the Lone Star Roadmaster Tractor was a copy of the American Tootsietoy Ford Tractor of 1956, however this date is incorrect.  There were in fact two post-war Tootsietoy tractors in around 1:32 scale.  The first was a model of the 1947 Ford 8N tractor, introduced by Tootsietoy in 1951.  It was later replaced by a model of the 1953 Ford NAA Golden Jubilee tractor, and it is this model that was copied by Lone Star.  The Tootsietoy Ford 8N was still shown in a 1957 leaflet, but the Ford NAA must have appeared in 1958 or 1959, because it was shown in the 1959 catalogue.  We took the date of 1956 from Wieland & Force, 1980, but that book does not distinguish between the two Ford tractors, and the 1956 date seems to be unreliable as it does not relate to the introduction or withdrawal of either model.
Lone Star Roadmaster Tractor (photo by Nigel Robertshaw)
We are now able to illustrate the Lone Star tractor in its original yellow and red blister pack, numbered 1293 (see photo (5) on page 336).  Note the absence of labels on this early model, and the silver steering wheel rather than the later black.

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