Farming in Miniature -
Further Discoveries

Marx (see Volume 2 page 516)

Page numbers refer to Farming in Miniature Volume 2; bold numbers in brackets refer to photos in the Marx chapter.
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Horse & Cart (page 517)
Marx Horse & Cart with box (photo by Bertoia Auctions)
As (8) with driver, but with colours similar to (7), in a colourful box marked Mechanical HORSE & CART and Made in Gt.Britain by LOUIS MARX & Co.Ltd., Swansea.

Dual Horse & Cart (page 517)
Marx Dual Horse & Cart
As (12) but with lime green horses.
Marx Tinplate Horse
Tinplate horse as in (7) to (12) but black with orange and white harness.  Marx made horses with quite a range of colours for these clockwork carts.

Sparkling Climbing Tractor (page 517)
Marx Sparkling Climbing Tractor
As (19) but friction-driven rather than clockwork.

Tricky Tommy Tractor
(page 518)
Marx Sparkling Climbing Tractor
As (22) and (23) but blue, and with black plastic wheels.  These wheels usually indicate a Hong Kong version, and indeed the model has a small Hong Kong roundel next to the tool box on the right-hand side.  Nevertheless, it is in an original Swansea box as (22), so Hong Kong models may have been sold in these boxes, and we have not yet seen a Hong Kong box.

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