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Further Discoveries

Maylow (see Volume 2 page 575)

Page numbers refer to Farming in Miniature Volume 2; bold numbers in brackets refer to photos in the Maylow chapter.
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We are no closer to locating any details of the company which produced this tractor and implements in the late 1940s, probably up to 1951.  It does remain one of the mysteries in the British farm toy story.

Tractor (page 575)
Maylow Tractor
Red tractor with metallic dark green hubs.

Maylow Tractor
Tractor with space for a clockwork motor which was not fitted in this case.  Originally dark green with yellow hubs (model has been stripped for repainting and the steering wheel is a reproduction).

Tractor (page 575) and Hay Rake (page 576)
Maylow Tractor and Hay Rake
Tractor as (3) but green with yellow hubs, with a hay rake as (14) but with a green drawbar and also with yellow hubs.  The steering wheel is filled in with flash between the spokes, indicating a late version of the model.

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