Farming in Miniature -
Further Discoveries

Poplar Plastics (see Volume 2 page 643)

Page numbers refer to Farming in Miniature Volume 2; bold numbers in brackets refer to photos in the Poplar Plastics chapter.
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The main discovery in this chapter is an incomplete Goliath Tractor and Trailer, which previously we could only illustrate from a 1973 catalogue ((13) to (15)).  This demonstrates how fragile plastic items, even from the relatively recent past, can be almost impossible to find.

No.551 Tractor
(page 644)
Poplar Plastics Tractor
As (6) but with yellow bonnet and red and blue accessories.

No.554 Tractor and Hay Wagon
(page 644)
Poplar Plastics Tractor & Hay Wagon
As (7) but tractor with blue chassis, red bonnet and yellow accessories, and rear tyres with deep treads as (6) and (10).

No.1000 Giant Farm Series set
(page 644)
Poplar Plastics Giant Farm SetPoplar Plastics Giant Farm SetPoplar Plastics Giant Farm Set
We were only able to illustrate this rare set from the 1967 catalogue (11) because the set seldom survives.  It contained the no.554 tractor and hay wagon with a separate front blade for the tractor (as (5)).  The box illustration showed a blade and a front fork, but there was no front fork included in this set, nor in the contents of the set shown in the 1967 catalogue.  Also in the set were a tractor driver, a Land Rover, a hen coop with chickens and seven various other farm animals.

No.3383 Tractor Transporter
Poplar Plastics Tractor Transporter
The tractor unit was red and the low loader green, both with black wheels.  Nothing was written underneath.  On the box this toy was claimed to be CONSTRUCTED IN RUGGED POLYTHENE WITH POLYPROPYLENE TRANSPORTER.  So the tractor was presumably polythene and the transporter polypropylene.

No.1114 Goliath Tractor and no.1217 Goliath Tractor and Trailer (page 645)
Poplar Plastics Goliath Tractor
Red body with blue mudguards and front axle, and yellow seat and hubs (missing the headlights, gear lever, hydraulic controls and steering wheel) (380 mm).
Poplar Plastics Goliath TractorPoplar Plastics Goliath Tractor (box)
The Goliath Farm Tractor and Trailer is possibly the rarest of the late British-made plastic tractor sets, and we are delighted to have discovered this complete boxed example.  The tractor had a red body with yellow mudguards, and a blue seat, steering wheel, gear lever, handbrake lever, headlights and wheel hubs.  There was a front pull-along tow loop. The trailer was green with black wheels. The large box was of paper-covered corrugated card.

Poplar Plastics Goliath Trailer
Green body and black wheels (397 mm).

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