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Timpo (see Volume 2 page 684)

Page numbers refer to Farming in Miniature Volume 2; bold numbers in brackets refer to photos in the Timpo chapter.
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Although the no.170 Timpo tractors and their sets from the 1970s are not so old, finding good unbroken examples is not easy.  We show below a rare example of the tractor with a green body which we did not include in the table of tractor colour combinations on page 687.

Also, we hardly did justice to the large farm sets introduced in 1973 as the Big Farm Set (37), renamed Meadow Farm in 1977 (38), which had many colour variations of the four fragile plastic farm buildings that fitted into slots in the card box insert, either side of a central open compartment.  The stable had horseshoes over each door and a feeding trough between them.  The cow shed had a wide opening with a removable gate across the front.  The shepherd’s cottage had a crook hooked onto the front wall to one side of the door and a carriage lamp on the other side.  The barn had wide double doors with a pitchfork to one side and a coil of rope to the other.  Timpo excelled themselves with almost limitless colour variations of the four buildings.  In the central open compartment were the tractor and a high-sided livestock trailer with a net over the top, a pond and two trees.  Loose in the compartment, to either side of a card divider, were five figures - a tractor driver, farmer with a stick, farmer’s wife with a bucket feeding grain to chickens, a milkmaid with a milk churn and a farmhand with a bale of straw held in a very ungainly position over his head - together with an assortment of farm animals.  The set came with a large card playmat showing a rural scene.

Irish Jaunting Car
(page 686)
Timpo Irish Jaunting Car
As (20) but with green wheels and SOUVENIR OF ATHLONE transfer on the right-hand side, Irish-made clean-legged horse as (18) but white.

No.170 Tractor with Driver (page 687)
Timpo No.170 Tractor
As (23) but with light green body, hubs and seat (part of exhaust and steering wheel missing).  The previous owner, who had the tractor from childhood, has an unclear recollection that the steering wheel was probably black.  This model is also included in the photo below of a group of tractors (at the rear) to show the difference in colour between the light green and light blue versions.
Timpo No.170 Tractor
As (24) but with light blue bonnet, red hubs and silver steering wheel (exhaust missing).
Timpo No.170 Tractor
A range of colour variations for the Tractor, with the steerable version represented by the two at the front on the left with black steering wheels.  The newly-discovered light green example is at the rear.

No.171 Tractor and Trailer with Hay Bales (page 687)
Timpo No.171 Tractor and Trailer
As (28) but Trailer all-grey, except for a brown release lever.  Tractor as (26).
Timpo No.171 Tractor and TrailerTimpo No.171 Tractor and Trailer
Trailer as (29), Tractor as (23) but light blue rear hubs and black steering wheel.

No.174 Farm Buildings Set 2 (page 687)
Timpo No.174 Farm Buildings Set 2
As (36) with Tractor, Plough and Disc Harrow, but with differently coloured farm buildings.

No.160 Big Farm Set
(page 687)
Timpo No.160 Big Farm Set
Big Farm Set as (37) but containing a blue shepherd’s cottage with brown door, window and shutters, red stable with grey doors, cream cow shed and yellow barn with LIVERY STABLE over the doors.
Timpo No.160 Big Farm Set
As above but containing light brown barn with dark brown doors, light brown cow shed, red stable with grey doors, and red shepherd’s cottage with blue door, window, shutters and chimney.

Timpo No.160 Big Farm Set
Big Farm Set in MEADOW FARM box as (38) and (39), but containing grey stable with red doors, cream cowshed, yellow barn with brown doors, and pink shepherd’s cottage with light blue door and shutters, and red window and chimney.

Timpo No.160 Big Farm Set
As above but containing yellow barn with brown doors, light brown cow shed, red stable with grey doors, and blue shepherd’s cottage with pink door, shutters and chimney and yellow window.

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