Farming in Miniature -
Further Discoveries

Tudor Rose, Rosedale and Springwell Mouldings (see Volume 2 page 732)

Page numbers refer to Farming in Miniature Volume 2; bold numbers in brackets refer to photos in the Tudor Rose chapter.
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Irish Jaunting Car
This was mentioned in the text on page 733 and we are now able to illustrate two examples.
Tudor Rose Irish Jaunting Car
Described on the box as an EXCITING NEW ACTION TOY IN PLASTIC Comprising CAR, DRIVER AND GALLOPING HORSEThe horse was supported on a pedestal extending down from its belly, with a pair of small wheels at the bottom (missing on this example).  A bar from the rear axle to the back foot of the horse created a galloping movement.  Red seats, yellow shafts, green wheels, green driver with a red hat and a white horse. The colour combination on the box was different (165 mm).
Tudor Rose Irish Jaunting Car
As above but with yellow seats, green shafts and wheels, brown driver with a yellow hat, and small brown wheels under the horse.

Small Rowcrop Tractor
(page 733)
Tudor Rose Small Rowcrop Tractor
As (5) but with red front wheels.

Tudor Rose Small Rowcrop Tractor
Light blue with yellow rear wheels and red front wheels.

Medium Rowcrop Tractor
(page 733)
Tudor Rose Medium Rowcrop Tractor
As (9) and (10) but green with red wheels.

Traction Engine (page 735)
We now recognise that while we described the two Traction Engines with black bodies ((26) and (27)) as made by Tudor Rose, they were actually made by Springwell (Mouldings) Ltd of Tonbridge, Kent, using the Tudor Rose moulds, and are therefore probably outside the date range of the book.  The Springwell Traction Engine was usually sold in a plastic bag with a Springwell (Mouldings) header card, and some at least had the company’s sticker underneath.  The model had three roundels underneath which originally read: THIS ITEM IS A TUDOR ROSE DESIGN, MADE IN ENGLAND and TUDOR ROSE PLASTIC PRODUCTS.  On the Springwell version ((26), (27) and below), the roundels were blanked out, but their outlines were still visible.
Springwell Mouldings Traction EngineSpringwell Mouldings Traction Engine
Springwell Mouldings Traction Engine, with its header card and CE sticker (post-1985) underneath.

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