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Wend-al (see Volume 2 page 755)

Page numbers refer to Farming in Miniature Volume 2; bold numbers in brackets refer to photos in the Wend-al chapter.
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The close similarities between some Wend-al farm items and the French Quiralu models from which they originated can make it difficult to distinguish between the two, particularly with the tumbrels, hay cutters and ploughs.  Sometimes there are helpful stickers underneath, but not always.  In the Wend-al chapter we were uncertain about a variation of the tumbrel shown in (29) and (30), having a projecting pillar at the front and a slot in the pillar to hold the catch, which could be released to allow the tumbrel to tip.  We called this the 'type 3' catch.  We later realised that Quiralu never used solid all-rubber wheels as on these two carts, so the type 3 catch was certainly a Wend-al variation.  This conclusion was then confirmed when the example below (in red) turned up with the type 3 catch and a Wend-al sticker (as (28)) underneath.

(page 756)
Wend-al Tumbrel
As (26) but with a type 3 catch.
Wend-al Tumbrel
As (22) but with a type 3 catch.

Hay Cutter (page 756)
Wend-al Hay Cutter
As (11) but with an unusual variation in the painting of the footplates, which here were all red, whereas the plate nearest the driver was usually painted a different colour to the rest.

Hay Rake
(page 756)
Wend-al Hay Rake (photo by Philip Dean)
Green with red seat and silver tines, solid black rubber wheels.

Plough (page 756)
Wend-al Plough
As (19) but with yellow highlights and red wheels, including the rims.

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