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November 2017 Added another colour variation of an Escor wooden tractor.
November 2017 Added a photo of Mettoy no.6438.
November 2017 Substantial update to the Benbros page, with new colour variations of several models.
August 2017 Minor correction to the description of Charbens no.330 Farm Set.
May 2017 The Johillco page is now online, with more interesting information on Johillco's copies of Tootsietoys, and another example of the rare Johillco Timber Wagon.
May 2017 The Gaiety Toy page is now online.
April 2017
The site is now online with our initial batch of updates, with the exception of Johillco and Gaiety Toy (those pages are still in preparation).  Any future additions and amendments will be listed on this page.

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